UCSF - Tobacco and Surgery 110 Video Case
Welcome to the Surgery 110 Interactive Tobacco Training!

These interactive videos will provide case examples and pose questions relating to material covered during your first two years of training at UCSF as well as during your Surgery 110 orientation.

When you click NEXT you will be asked to:

1) Answer 11 multiple-choice questions.

2) Watch two short videos (~5 min each). A brief clip will be shown followed by a break at which point you will be asked to type in how you would respond as the patient’s physician.

3) Answer the series of questions again.

Your answers to these items as well as the typed in responses will be used for evaluating and improving the training.

At the end you can indicate if you would like to receive feedback on your responses.

Before you start, make sure you are viewing this on a fast connection. These videos work best on high speed connections (a land-line on campus or DSL at home is fine. Keep in mind, a wireless connection is not fast enough). The Adobe Flash Player plug-in is required and is already included with most browsers.

Thank you for your participation!

John Maa, MD
Jodi Prochaska, PhD, MPH
Stan Glantz, PhD

Please tell us what type of clincian you are and year of training, and the case will get started.
What is your year of training?
What is your clinician type?

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact Educational Evaluations via email at
evaluations@ucsf.edu .